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Máquina de coser industrial de cama de poste GA204H-1 y 2

GA204H-1  Single needle,post bed, lockstitch sewing 
GA204H-2  Double needle, post bed, lockstitch sewing
  • GA204H-1 y 2


  • Aguja simple/doble

  • Alimentación compuesta

  • 500

Estado de Disponibilidad:

Product Descriptions

Post Bed Industrial Sewing Machine GA204H-1&2 Descriptions

These two machines are one and two needle, extra heavy duty, post bed, compound feed with walking foot, industrial lockstitch sewing machines for the thick thread. Both of them are the large barrel shuttle hook post bed sewing machine, powerful and effective compound feed with the walking foot for the constant stitch and trouble-free material feed, large hand wheel, large needle bar stroke, high take-up lever and foot lift, both two machines come with the air foot lift and bar tacking. There are the left and right post bed as the option for GA204H-1. Suitable for sewing heavy duty to extra heavy duty materials with thick threads, such products as sofa, bags, tents, tarpaulins, technical textiles and other heavy duty leather products etc.


Post Bed Industrial Sewing Machine GA204H-1&2 Features

  • Extra heavy duty, post-bed, industrial sewing machines.

  • Large barrel shuttle hook and large bobbin.

  • Air foot lift and bar tacking as the standard kits.

  • Large needle bar stroke and high foot lift.

  • Very good extra heavy duty post bed machine for the home upholstery with the thick thread, such as furniture factories etc.


Post Bed Industrial Sewing Machine GA204H-1&2 Specifications




Number of Needle

1 needle


Max.Sewing Speed


Needle Gauge


8, 10, 12, 16mm

Max.Stitch Length


Max.Lift of the Presser Foot



Large barrel shuttle hook


DYx3, 27#

Product Details

Post Bed Industrial Sewing Machine GA204H-1&2 Details

compound feed with walking foot sewing machine - KINGMAX